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How this Works

For the Seller:

In order to sell your used equipment on this website, you'll need to fill out a form giving us your contact information, information on the gun, and how much you want for it. We'll take pictures of your gun and post it on the appropriate page. We will not sell broken or non-functioning equipment. We can repair a gun you wish to sell, but you will have to pay for the repairs. We can store your gun here at Texas Paintball. It won't cost anything extra, but you can always keep the gun yourself too.

For the Buyer:

This part is pretty simple. Scroll through the selection of used equipment, pick a gun you like, and contact the seller either through us or them directly. We'll let you test fire a gun you are interested in (limit 2 gun tests per customer. Ain't nobody got time for that) if the seller gave it to us to store.

For Buyer and Seller:

If both parties agree, we can process the payment through Texas Paintball's registers. Texas Paintball will take 10%of the total and the buyer will have to pay sales tax (I know it's used, but big brother wants his share). We will pay the seller cash minus the 10%fee. All sales are final through Texas Paintball, we will not refund anyone. Any further transactions must be made between the buyer and seller.